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About Amelia Landings

Amelia Landings Condo is located on Sadler Rd blocks from the beach.  All units are 2 bedroom and 757 to 856 sf.  Preservation area surrounds the complex.  The condo offers community pool and tennis courts for resident/guest use.  Condo fees are $290/month and cover both building insurance and garbage collection.  The condo also allows Weekly Rentals.  As a result, Amelia Landings units are very popular as vacation rentals.

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Rental Information

Amelia Landings units on VRBO give you approximate rental rates.  Short term rentals are somewhat seasonal, resulting in higher traffic during the summer and holidays.  Currently rates range from $110-150/night.  Local full service property management is available to owners.  Potential low maintenance cash flow and a personal vacation option.  Therefore, there is high resale demand for weekly rental condos.

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4/5 (3 Reviews)

4/5 (3 Reviews)

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