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home valuationThis tool will provide an instant home value.  There are several methods to get your home’s value.  We would be glad to provide any of these three with absolutely no obligation:

  1. Automated Valuation – The tool below will provide an instant valuation.  It uses data from recent sales located near your home.  Similar to other online valuations, this may choose home sales that just don’t make sense.  It can be fairly accurate, but there are some flaws and better options.
  2. Desktop Valuation – This is a valuation that only chooses homes that are similar to yours.  Unlike the Automated Valuation, this allows us to narrow down the best comparable sales to get you an even more accurate value.
  3. In-Home Valuation – This is the most accurate form of home valuation.  We collect information about your home prior to coming to see it and perform a Desktop Valuation prior to the appointment.  In the home we can assess the condition and upgrades to verify the value and make any necessary adjustments.

You can also check out the latest Home Seller’s Guide or get the latest market information on our Home Seller’s Blog.

If you would like to request either of these options you can do that here through FB Messenger or call 360-434-4305: